Core Domains of Psychology

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Our program will immerse you into a carefully planned curriculum of study, where you will take courses in the Scientific Foundations of Psychology (Research Methods and Statistics) and in the core domains of (1) Biological Bases of Behavior (PSY 230 Brain and Behavior), (2) Cognition (PSY 235 Cognitive Psychology), (3) Individual and Group Differences in Behavior (PSY 215 Social Psychology), and (4) Developmental Differences in Behavior (PSY 245 Lifespan Development).

With this foundation in place you will be prepared for upper level courses that deepen your knowledge and help you synthesize and develop connections across areas of study in psychology.

In year three, you will select two different readings classes from three areas in the field; cognition and emotion, social and health, and human development.  These classes, along with an advanced class in methods and statistics, will help you prepare for completing a Capstone project.  Your Capstone project will be the culmination of your major.